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Aluminium Machining

Aluminium machining Services from Snelsons Ltd


We have three CNC Routers. 2 at 2.4 metre long, 1 at 3.5metre long 3 fixed heads capable of drilling / machining at 3 positions at 90º to each other along the length.

aluminium router

Mazak CNC 3 axis vertical miller for machining aluminium extrusions 2000mm x 500mm capacity.


2 off manual routers Designed for machining ends of extrusions
3 off dedicated multi head punching centres interchangeable heads for holes slots etc
Multi headed drilling centre
Auto tapping machine
Various pedestal drills and fly presses

50 tonne Pressix power press
10 tonne power press
5 tonne power press

Full Computer controlled Mecal 453 Double headed saw
Partial Computer controlled Double headed saw with digital read out confirmation
Double headed saw with blades at 90º to each other used for notching
2off mitre saws



3off Belt Linishers
3off Automatic Flat bed polishing machines for polishing Aluminium prior to chemically Brightening
4 off manual polishing spindles


Whatever your Aluminium Machining needs, Snelsons have the equipment and expertise to finish your job to the highest standards and specifications.

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